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Classification keys - they're a way of sorting different animals by using questions. What type of question? Have a look at this video to find out:


We're going to use a program on PurpleMash called 2Question, which you'll find in your 2dos and Day 51 - 2Question.


I'm going to think of 3 animals...let's say a canary, a penguin and a heron. All types of bird, but what kind of questions could you ask to separate them?


Here's how we could start - I've clicked the 'click to edit' button and now I ask my question to divide the animals up. My question is - does it eat fish? For choice, I've put 'Yes' and 'No'. Also a picture of a fish, because why not?


Now it's branched off to the 'yes' answer and the 'no' answer. Only one of those 3 doesn't eat fish, so on the one that the 'No' links to, we know it's a canary.


So I click the 'click to edit' button, check the 'final answer' option because we know it's a canary, and put a picture, because why not?


Put how can we separate a heron and a penguin? Well, one can fly and the other can't, so if we ask that question we can put the heron under 'yes' and penguin under 'no'.


So my key with 3 animals looks like this;


I've done mine with 3 animals (all vertebrates). Can you do one with 4 or more? The maximum you could include in this program 16, but that's for animal experts who would put Sir David to shame. Good luck!