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For today's science we're going to mop up the remaining vertebrates, after we aced mammals last week.


First, we're going to divide a page into 4 quarters for each of the remaining types of vertebrate;

In each rectangle, you need to write (in any order) at the top, Bird, Fish, Reptile, Amphibian. In the middle of your rectangle, I want you to draw one example of each of these different types - there's lots to choose from! 


Around the picture, I want you to find facts about this type of animal, starting with what makes that type of animal special. You could include how and where it lives, what they look like (especially their skin!), how they take care of their young, whether they are hot or cold blooded. I'm only after the key facts about what makes that type of vertebrate different from others. 


This video might be a good starting point to get some ideas down...


Classification of animals | Biology - Life Lessons