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Last week we did about vertebrates and invertebrates. Today we're going to start breaking down vertebrates into even more groups - into mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and amphibians. What's the difference? Well, there's quite a few. Have a look at this video;

Classification of animals | Biology - Life Lessons

Suitable for teaching 7-11s. With beautiful wildlife images and simple summary graphics, this clip explains how fish, reptiles, mammals and birds are classif...

We're just going to focus down on one type of vertebrate - mammals. You might know a bit about them already - like that human beings are mammals. Once you've watched the videos above and below you need to log on to PurpleMash and find your 2do Day 41 - mammals. Can you tell me what sets mammals apart from other types of animal?


All About Mammals for Children: Cats, Bears, Elephants, Pandas and More - FreeSchool

If you complete the PurpleMash work and need a brainbox challenge, here's one for true animal experts only. The strangest mammal on Earth, so odd that when it was first found scientists thought it was a made up hoax! Can you create a fact file on the duck billed platypus, which is a bizarre hodge-podge of mammal, bird and reptile?

Platypus Parts | National Geographic

The platypus is a strange mix of different traits, including a venomous spur used in male to male combat.