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Remote Learning Week 4 Day 5

Happy Happy Friday Year 3!

I'm going to create a new tab on the class page called 'Competition time' at 10am. You guys can then click on the tab and send me your votes by 3pm please!

No voting for your own, haha! 

I'll then include the winner in our special announcement. 


Let's have a look at the excellent work I was sent yesterday. You're all superstars!


Jackson has designed a wicked trick to play on Mr Twit. Jackson also picked his Hindu god and three wishes. Beautiful ideas Jackson. He has also sent in a picture of his beautiful cat, Jack! 30 points for the cat picture!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Isla sent in her brilliant trick for the monkey to play on Mr Twit. She's been working super hard on her Maths. Isla also picked a Hindu god and picked a wish. Lovely reasoning Isla.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Mason completed some clear instructions for the monkey trick. He also picked his Hindu god and reasoned his choice as well as picked three wishes. Great work!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Sam has planned a cheeky trick for the monkey to play on Mr Twit. He’s also chosen three wonderful wishes. Well done Sam!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Zak has sent in his brilliant Roman and French work. Tres Bien! He’s also thought of a good trick for Mr Twit! Good effort, Zak!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Guess Who

Yesterday, it was indeed Rudy!

This boy is first in class very morning with a big smile on his face. A huge smile, in fact! Nothing gets past him though, he notices small changes in the classroom straight away, If we've moved a table, put up a new display... He is a very confident little boy and so he should be. He is football crazy and loves playing during break times and at home. He takes wonderful care of his little brother and his litter sister. He is super polite and tries his best in everything he does. Can you guess who?


Let’s get learning!


We’re going to find out what the monkey decided to do to turn Mr and Mrs Twit upside down.

Watch the video to 41 minutes and 50 seconds. Stop when he starts reading the chapter ‘The Ravens Swoop Over.’





Roald Dahl | The Twits

What do you think of their trick?

Read this extract from the book.

And so the great glue painting of the ceiling began. All the other birds who had been sitting on the roof flew in to help, carrying paint-brushes in their claws and beaks. There were buzzards, magpies, rooks, ravens and many more. Everyone was splashing away like mad and, with so many helpers, the job was soon finished.

Think – what makes a good team?

Your task for the day – a bit different this time. Pick either one of the birds mentioned in the text. You can choose a different one if you like.

Research key facts about the bird, using these guidelines:

- The bird’s habitat – where it lives;

- The bird’s plumage

– the colours and patterns of its feathers;

- What the bird likes to eat;

- Any distinguishing features (for example: a long neck, a strong beak, a nice song);

- The bird’s behaviour (for example, owls are wise; puffins are very sociable and hang around in enormous groups; albatrosses spend much of their life flying.)

We’re going to be using the information we collect today to help our writing on Monday so you might want to spend a bit of time on this to help make life easier on Monday.

Purple Mash isn’t playing with me this morning so please could you create a profile in your school work book 😊



Can you squeeze in enough learning on Reading Eggs to get a certificate if you haven’t already? The eggs build up during a single week so now is your chance to get 1000!



I’ve set you a money task on Mathletics. It would be really useful to have some coins in front of you to help you!



Who can remember what PSHE stands for?


I'd like to revisit a challenge we did a few weeks ago. 

Think of TEN different things you could do to be helpful around the house or in your community too. 

I know many of my little superstars will already be helping make tea, cleaning their room, washing up, vacuuming, sweeping the floor, helping to put shopping away, making their mummies and daddies smile, helping younger brother or sisters do their work, feeding the pets... the list goes on!


This afternoon, before the SingUp challenge at 3pm, try and complete as many things on your list as you can. Then you can help out this weekend too. Your mummies and daddies have been helping you keep your brain active so you can help them with their list of 1000 things to do every minute :D 

Have fun, keep smiling!


Don't forget to check the competition and email your chosen winner by 3pm! Then check the special announcement at 3.30pm. Eesh! That's a lot to do today! I might have to go easy on you next week.


See you soon!