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Remote Learning Week 4 Day 4

Happy Thursday Year 3!


As most of the class know, my brother is in the Royal Air Force. He's sent two very special planes on their way today. 50 points to whoever emails the answer to where this Spitfire and Hurricane are off to! 



Hurricane and Spitfire from Conningsby

Still image for this video

I’m in school today so won't be able to reply to emails until the end of the day again, I'm sorry.

COMPETITION TIME- pictures can still be emailed in. The deadline is Friday at 10am. You will then be asked to email your vote by Friday 3pm.


Well done to all my little super hard workers. I’m so impressed with the work that’s coming in. Keep it up! Just like you would in class. You all work hard, every lesson! Let’s have a look at what everyone’s been up to at home…



Kaden has been up to lots of different things last week, has has been watching Julia Donaldson Films and discussing the events in each book.

He has been on a ‘spring bingo’ walk searching for different wildlife on his sheet.

He has built a bug hotel and produced a detailed drawing of the garden to help him plan where to build the BBQ. Great work Kaden, very interesting.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Max has been having fun in the garden with his gorgeous dog Jasper. 30 points for the dog picture! Max has also spent time on his French work! Tres bien, Max!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Mason's family have super exciting news! They are going picking up their new member of the family on Tuesday! Year 3, say hello to Bonnie! Isn't she just GORGEOUS?! 35 points for a puppy picture.

Mason has also worked really hard on his French dinner plate. Ca a l'air delicieux!


Picture 1
Picture 2
Georgia sent in a picture of her gorgeous pooch, Woody! 30 points for the dog picture Georgia!
Picture 1
Isla did EXTRA work for her French session. Very impressive Isla.
Picture 1
Jackson has been completing some awesome work in his own Maths workbook. Well done Jackson!
Picture 1
Sam has worked hard on his Roman topic. Excellent effort Sam!
Picture 1
Miley has been working really hard too. She's also sent in a picture of her adorable pooch, Rio! 30 points for the dog picture Miley!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Ellie has been a little superstar at home. She's been completing lots of work and produced some amazing pieces! Here's her Roman work from yesterday. Well done Ellie!
Picture 1

Guess Who

All my little guessers were correct, it was Lily!

Miss Collins’ riddle for the day…

This boy is one of the tallest in our class. He has loved every single on of our Science topics. He brings in show and tells all about our topics and loves performing experiments. He likes explaining the board games he plays with his family at home. He has a great sense of humour and always makes Miss Stott chuckle while she is teaching. He is an amazing writer and reads his brilliant stories to the class. He is a great friend and always helps anyone in class if they are injured. Thanks to all his caring help, many of his friends rushed to his aid when he fell off the climbing wall and sprained his ankle! Can you guess who?


Let’s get learning!


Firstly, your work yesterday was just wonderful, well done team!

We’re going to be reading all the way up to chapter 22 today. So, give your parents a break, go sit somewhere quite and watch the video up to 36 minutes 40 seconds. Stop when you see The Great Glue Painting Begins.



Roald Dahl | The Twits

Let’s summarise what happened in these chapters.

Mr Twit likes bird pie and puts glue on the tree to catch the birds.

Four little boys climb the tree and get stuck.

Luckily, the four little boys get free and run back home.

Mr Twit keeps pet monkeys and is very mean to them. Making them do all their tricks upside down.

Mr Twit keeps the monkeys in a cage.

The monkeys try to warn the birds away from sitting on the tree. They don’t speak English.

A roly-poly bird comes to visit and speaks African like the monkeys.

The roly-poly bird stops all the birds from getting stuck on the tree by warning them with a song.

The birds all escape Mr Twit and he doesn’t get bird pie.

Mr and Mrs Twit go to buy guns to shoot the birds.

Muggle-wump, the monkey, instructs the roly-poly bird to help all the monkeys escape from the cage.

The roly-poly bird helps the monkeys escape.

Muggle-wump decides he wants to play a trick on Mr Twit and turn him upside down.


Today, you’re going to plan the trick that the monkeys are going to play on Mr Twit.

I had an idea for the trick.

The monkeys glue a chocolate bar to the floor.

Then they place glue all around the chocolate bar.

They tell Mr Twit that there is chocolate on the floor.

When he can’t pick the chocolate up, they watch him lie on the floor and stuck while trying to eat the chocolate.


You think of a trick the monkey could pull on Mr Twit to turn him upside down! You could write instructions or a description or you could draw and label a picture.



Jump on reading eggs. I’ve got even more certificates to hand out! Yay! You’re doing so well on this program and it really will be improving your reading skills.



This game was developed by the bank NatWest. If you follow the link below I’d like everyone to start on ‘easy’ HOWEVER, if you’re confident with money, try the ‘hard’. It would be really helpful if you could have some money in front of you to help you calculate the change. You could even use counters and pretend they’re coins.  There are a few stages to this game and the first stage is just helping you work out how to play and where to click.


Religious Education

In school, we have studied Islam and Christianity.

The religion we are studying this half term is Hinduism.

Follow this link to learn a ‘What is Hindusim?

We learned that in Christianity and Islam that they follow only one god.

As you’ve just learned, Hindu believe in many gods and goddesses. 33 altogether!

We’re going to look at some Hindu gods. This is super interesting!

Open the document link below and read about some of the different gods (we’ll look at goddesses next lesson).

Apologies, the document doesn't seem to be working for most! Below is are screenshots of the document.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Task – the video clip you watched explained that most Hindus choose one god or goddess to worship. I would like you to pick the god that you would worship if you were Hindu and explain WHY you have chosen that god and three things you would ask them for help with.


Sing Up

Finally, this is the song of the week that Mrs Marr would like all the Northern family to sing on Friday at 3pm. If you have time, have a practise ready for 3pm tomorrow 😊



Have a lovely day Year 3.

Sorry the sun has decided to hide this week, I’m trying to get it back again!


Miss you all.