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Remote Learning Week 4 Day 3

Happy Wednesday Year 3!

My little troopers, you’re all still working so hard. It’s lovely to see, every time I hear my email ping, I start thinking “I wonder what marvellous work I’m being sent?” I am never disappointed! Hope you like the message on the class page from me and Miss Collins.

Let’s have a look at what I received yesterday 😊

Hannah sent me a lovely email,


Good morning Miss,

I hope you are well. It was fun to see your doggy having fun over the weekend in the padding pool. I'm afraid my doggies would pop mine. I have added a photo of my naughty doggies.

I have attached my prank idea and the work I have been doing on the Romans. 

My favourite prank of the Twits is the worms in the spaghetti. I think this is disgusting but also very funny. I think I would be sick if I found worms in my spaghetti. 


Hope you have a nice day.


From Hannah


You all know that I absolutely love dogs. If you have a dog, send me a picture of you enjoying your free time with them! I’m seriously considering getting another puppy. I don’t think Macduff would be best pleased though. Super work, Hannah. Extra 30 points for the dog picture.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Blair has been having a walk through the countryside! Can you spot the animals he saw – there’s one I definitely wouldn’t expect to see!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Max completed his Roman work summarising the text and picking out some excellent key words.

Picture 1

Isla has created a brilliant Roman vocabulary mat too! Some brilliant keywords picked out there Isla!

Picture 1

Jackson has put some great effort in to his keyword mat, he’s drawn pictures to help him remember what the words mean. Well done Jackson!

Picture 1

Mason wrote about his favourite trick that Mrs Twit played on Mr Twit. Good reasoning for why it was your favourite Mason!

Picture 1
Georgia wrote some very clear instructions for The Twits. Great work!
Picture 1
Miley handed in some excellent work and some extra work she's been doing on Roman Numerals. Brilliant Miley.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Guess Who

All my little guessers were correct, it was Alice!

Miss Collins’ riddle for the day…

This little girl is very trustworthy and follows the school rules being a role model for others in class and school. She has incredibly beautiful handwriting and spends ages making sure all her letters are super neat. She loves to be helpful and will often ask to stay in during break times to help tidy up – often resulting in a sulk when I ask her to enjoy her break time outside. She loves horses and is lucky enough to go riding nearly every Thursday. This girl loves to dance and is a special member of the cheer leading team. Can you guess who?


Right, let’s get our learning caps on.


We’re going to read about Mr and Mrs Twit’s garden.

Watch the clip to 23 minutes 37 seconds.





Roald Dahl | The Twits -

You’ve just read the chapter The House, The Tree and the Monkey Cage.

This chapter describes where Mr and Mrs Twit live.

We’re going to use this extract to help us with our next piece of work

Here is a picture of Mr and Mrs Twit’s house and garden. Some house! It looks like a prison. And not a window anywhere. “Who wants windows?” Mr Twit had said when they were building it. “Who wants every Tom, Dick and Harry peeping in to see what you’re doing?” It didn’t occur to Mr Twit that windows were meant mainly for looking out of, not for looking into. And what do you think of that ghastly garden? Mrs Twit was the gardener. She was very good at growing thistles and stinging-nettles. “I always grow plenty of spiky thistles and plenty of stinging-nettles,” she used to say. “They keep out

nasty nosey little children.” Near the house you can see Mr Twit’s workshed. To one side there is The Big Dead Tree. It never has any leaves on it because it’s dead.

I’ve underlined all the reasons Mr and Mrs Twit decided to keep their garden the way it is. I’ve highlighted all the adjectives and similes used to describe the garden by making them bold.

Your task for today is to draw a BIG PICTURE of where Mr and Mrs Twit live. You MUST label it with the descriptions I have highlighted in bold.

You could use the video to help you as Quentin Blake, the illustrator for Roald Dahl, has already drawn his idea of what the house and garden would look like.


Challenge – think of THREE other things you may find in the garden. Add them to your drawing and label them.

Today, I am going to pick the best drawing. Whoever wins this competition, I’ll email your parent and ask them to give you a reward! It may be sweeties, it may be more time on the iPad, it may be a ride on a unicorn… who knows unless you win? I’m going to be very strict though and only pick one winner.




I already have SIX certificates to hand out on Friday! Go team! I’m so proud. Keep up the amazing work and log on to Reading Eggs today. You had a bit of time off yesterday so I’d like you to complete a full level.



How did you find the coin game yesterday? I like work with money as interactively as possible. We’d have the shop set up in school practising our ability to give change. Hopefully, this game is just as good.

Follow the link below. The games are harder as you work across and down the page. Just like reading a book. I suggest you start on ‘Change from a multiple of 10’ with the picture of the pencil crayons in the right corner. After this, work your way down. Remember, we normally do Maths for an hour so don’t be playing one game and giving up. Haha!




I got mixed up yesterday! I put Geography when we were supposed to be doing French! Silly me. I’ve been working hard at home on an app called Duolingo learning more French. If you can, give it a try! It’s so clever and easy – helps you learn many different languages.

Our topic this half term is FOOD! I love food. I’ve been eating far too much food.

Follow the link below to see a familiar face. Alexa is going to teach you French for 10 different vegetables. You may need to watch the video twice to help you remember the name for them all.



Vegetables in French

Learn how to say 10 common vegetables eaten in France, in French!

How did you do?

Now, you’re going to learn how to say 13 different meats. Follow the link below. Again, it will help if you watch the video twice.

Meat in French

Learn how to say 13 common meats eaten in France, in French!

Task – you’re going to pick 3 vegetables and 2 meats. Draw them on a plate. You could make it as weird as you like! Now, label your vegetables and meat in French!

Send in pictures and I’ll pick the weirdest combination of food!

Mine would be;

De l’agneau, de fruits de mar, un poireau, un poivron jaune et un poivron rouge.

I would not enjoy eating that plate of food together. Bleurgh!


Happy learning Year 3.

Miss your smiley faces and funny stories.