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Remote Learning Week 4 Day 2

Happy Tuesday Year 3!

We’ve been working hard as always. Let’s have a look at what you were all up to yesterday

Jackson wrote some instructions for Mr Twit’s prank. Have a look what he suggested below. He's also worked hard on the Roman task. Well done, Jackson!



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Isla had a smashing idea for Mrs Twit’s prank on Mr Twit. Isla also wrote three very descriptive explanations for what the Romans did for Britain! Beautiful work!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Max B has been extremely lucky! He’s been bouncing around in the garden! Have a look at this video.


Max B's fun in the garden

Still image for this video
Zak had a very funny idea for a prank Mr Twit could pull on Mrs Twit!
Picture 1
Sam had an hilarious idea for the trick and wrote out some amazing facts about the Romans. Great work Sam!
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Picture 2
Ellie has produced some very bright and colourful work on The Twits and the Romans. Very pretty Ellie, well done!
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Picture 3

Guess Who

Yesterday’s Guess Who was indeed Max B!

Are you ready for Miss Collins’ riddle today?

This little girl is incredibly caring and kind. I’ve labelled her as the class nurse thanks to all her help when people are injured or unwell. She is extremely trustworthy so I often give her messages to take to other staff members and she always delivers! Normally, she returns with team points from the staff member because she uses impeccable manners! She adores her baby sister and can’t wait to run out and meet her at the end of the day if her Dad’s picking her up from school. Finally, she has the most beautiful handwriting so her work is regularly placed on our displays. Can you guess who?


Ready? Let’s get learning!


Loved your work yesterday Year 3. I’m glad you’re all enjoying the story so far. Now, we are a lovely little class who show so much kindness towards each other – this story must be shocking some of you! Today, we’re going to help Mr and Mrs Twit.

Watch the clip until 22minutes 20 seconds. We’re going to read the chapter called ‘Mr Twit get’s a horrible shock’

Roald Dahl | The Twits

Watch until 22 minutes 20seconds

I want you to think about how Mr and Mrs Twit behave towards each other. THINK! How could they have acted nicer to each other?

For example

Mrs Twit calls Mr Twit a “grizzly old grunion”

How could she have been nicer?

She could have said something pleasant to him.

Mrs Twit lashes Mr Twit with her walking stick

What could she do differently to be nice?

She could buy him a puppy and they could play nicely together.

Your task for today is set up on Purple Mash. You’re going to write a letter to Mr and Mrs Twit. You’re going to explain all the horrible things they’ve done to each other. Sometimes, people don’t realise just how horrid their actions are unless someone else points them out! Now, you need to help. You are all wonderfully helpful, caring, nice children. Give Mr and Mrs Twit some ideas about how they can be nicer to each other. You’re going to need keywords such as ‘instead of’, ‘alternatively’, ‘rather than’, ‘differently’. Can’t wait to read your letters on Purple Mash. Let’s see if I can hand out more rewards! Just so you know, the TOP reward is ‘Writing Excellence’ but that’s VERY tricky to achieve. If you’ve already had one, well done you!



Hop on to Reading Eggs. You’re more than welcome to play games today. I’m sure most of you have more than enough eggs to play on the games for a good 30 minutes. (Don’t worry parents, these are fun but still educational.)



How did you get on with the money yesterday? Money can be tricky. It’s one of those things that just ‘clicks’ after practise. Today, you’re going to follow the link below. Put the options the same as I have in the picture beneath this writing. You are asked to give an EXACT amount.

Finding it tricky? Reduce the amount at the top to ‘up to 50p’.

Picture 1

Spelling Practise

I’ve set you a spelling task on Reading Eggspress. Have fun!



I absolutely love learning about the Romans and it seems you guys do too! If we were in class, you know I’d be bouncing around telling you how fascinating all this is. “It’s amazing! It’s my favourite topic! You won’t believe the technology they had 2000 years ago! You are learning about things we STILL USE TODAY that were built 2000 years ago! How incredible is that!?” I’ve been shouting this at my laptop while setting up your learning. Just to let you know.

Anyway! Follow the link below for your lesson today. We’re going to stick with how the Romans changed Britain. Now, Jack gave me the inspiration for today’s task.

After reading through all the information on the link below, I would like you to make a word mat. There’s a link to an example below. All you need to do is pick out the key words write them out so you can remember them as we carry on our learning. We always use word mats in school for our topics and put key vocabulary on display so it would be really helpful if you could make one.

Roman Word Mat

Have a lovely day of learning Year 3.

Miss you very much!