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Remote Learning Week 4 Day 1

Good morning Year 3! Happy Monday.


Hope you all had a wonderful little weekend - and wore plenty of sun cream! My word, it was such beautiful weather. I even got the paddling pool out for my dog. He was very appreciative and sat in it for most of Saturday. What did you lovely little angles get up to? No mischief, I hope!


Firstly, we're going to have a look at what you all got up to on Friday and over the weekend.


Ben worked hard on his his History work and was very lucky to get his big sister's help. It's an excellent read! 








Sam drew another brilliant Roman soldier. I was so impressed by all your entries. You'd really concentrated and watched the video.



Picture 1
Jack had an amazing idea! He's been focusing on all the new words he's learned during our Roman topic! He's been practising spelling them. Excellent work lovely!
Picture 1
Ellie has been a little superstar working hard and helping to look after her new baby brother. The Roman soldier again, is super impressive! Really great effort Ellie!
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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Blair has been extremely busy in the garden helping his Dad. He's learned the tricks of the trade when building! Beautiful end result! All this hard work and he's still managing to complete his Purple Mash and Mathletics. Well done Blair! You must be exhausted.
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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4


Still image for this video
Isla has a brilliant explanation for why the Romans didn't manage to conquer Scotland. She used some excellent key words too! Isla is working super hard completing all the tasks! Keep it up sweetie!
Picture 1
As well as working hard, Jackson has taken full advantage of the fact we're not in school. He is now rocking a super awesome green mohican! Looks absolutely fabulous Jackson! Excellent reward for all his efforts completing the tasks every day.
Picture 1

Guess Who

Miss Collins has got a good one today!

This little boy is quite simply wonderful. He is a good friend to others. He is always ready to learn new things and you'll often find him with his head in a non-fiction book during reading for pleasure time. Although he can sometimes rush his work as he's competing to finish first - he's ever so quiet in class and writes some super long stories! When he slows down, he produces some fabulous work, just look at the Roman soldier he drew! He even signed it like a true artist because it's so good! Can you guess who?


Okay, let's get learning!




We've been doing very well with our work on The Twits so far! I suggest you refresh your memory by watching the video from the beginning. Watch until 18 minutes 40 seconds. 



Roald Dahl | The Twits

18 minutes 40 seconds

Which is your favourite trick so far?

The wormy spaghetti?

The glass eye and the frog?

The walking stick?

Mrs Twit gets stretching?


Why is that one your favourite?


I've got a list of different situations below. I've also suggested some props you could use. (You don't have to use my proper, you could think of your own) You need to pick one and create a new trick for Mr or Mrs Twit.

Write out a list of instructions so they know how to carry out the trick! You could draw pictures to help them too!


Mr Twit is washing his car. - a cork, rubber snake, bucket of mud.

Mrs Twit is watching TV. - a remote control, a mirror, a loud speaker.

Mr Twit is putting on his trousers. - a hamster, velcro, scissors

Mrs Twit sprays her perfume. - rotten fish, old cheese, stinky socks.

Mr Twit eats some bird pie. - oil, flour, toe nails.

Mrs Twit weighs herself on the bathroom scales. - rocks, super glue, camera.


I can't wait to read some of these!



Hop on to Reading Eggs - I'd like to hand out more certificates on Friday and you need to be doing 30 minutes on Reading Eggs to gain a certificate - every day!



You all did very well with the shapes last week. We're going to try and refresh our memory on what we learned by the end of this week. There were quite a few key words that we need to remember. 

Today, we're starting a new topic - Money! It's part of the measurement topic. Click on the link below and it will take you to a game that we play in class. FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.

Click on the link

Choose counting

Choose any 4 coins

Was that really tricky? - Choose 4 coins up to 20p


Challenge - choose any 5 coins! Now, choose any 6 coins!








We're going to look at what life was like in Roman Britain. The question of our topic is 'What did the Romans do for us?'

Hint - A LOT!

Part of today's learning is Roman inventions. The Roman's built some incredible things in Britain as you'll find out when you follow the link below. Read the text, watch all the videos. 

Task - explain THREE Roman inventions and write a few sentences explaining what they are and what they do - top marks for aqueducts! 



Happy learning Year 3. Can't wait to see some of your work!