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Remote Learning Week 3 Day 5

Good morning Year 3!

I can’t believe it’s Friday again already! Did any of you join in the clapping for the NHS last night? Always makes me a little emotional knowing everyone is pulling together so well.


I’ve been excited waiting upload all the mischief you little rascals got up to yesterday!


Mason wrote a brilliant prank based on The Twits. He then decided to pull the prank on his poor Dad! Have a look below to see what he did!

There’s also a picture of Mason’s brilliant attempt at drawing a Roman solider.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
I'm sorry Mason, but your Dad wanted revenge...

Still image for this video

Jack also created a funny prank and another Dad soon fell victim! Have a look below to see what Jack got up to! The link should take you to the video.



Jack wrote a summary of the clip 
Picture 1

Jackson designed a prank that would make his Dad quite angry, as far as I know, he didn’t do it. Thank goodness! Have a read below to see what Jackson planned to do for his prank.

Picture 1

Ben sent in his picture of his Roman soldier drawing. Marvellous effort Ben.

Picture 1
Isla has also been a little monkey and carried out her prank on her mum! Apparently, Mum is going to get her revenge soon!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Miley N has been working hard on her spellings, sent in a lovely picture of her Roman soldier drawing and had more fun on her daily exercise walk finding and hiding rocks. Well done Miley!
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Picture 2
Picture 3
Georgia also designed her own brilliant prank and completed some fabulous work on 3D shapes. Great effort Georgia! Love these Word documents, very tech-savvy!
Ellie has been a little superstar completing some lovely work on The Twits. I couldn't get Ellie's fabulous efforts on the web page yesterday but she is working hard! 

I received a beautiful email off Hannah this morning updating me on all her hard work!

Hello Miss,


I hope you are okay. 


I watched the video clip on the Twits at lunch time today, eeewww!


Here are my answers to your questions on the clip.


What happened? 


Mrs Twit went into the garden to dig up some worms.


What did Mrs Twit do?


Mrs Twit decided to put the worms in Mr Twit's spaghetti. 




She thought it would be funny to see him eat it.


How did Mr Twit react?


He was surprised and angry!


How would you react?


I would be sick.


I have been having a go at the garden yoga, but my doggies keep knocking me over! I have coloured some of the thank you posters and have put them in my window for people to spot as they walk past. 


I have attached a picture of my prank story, St Georges true or false questions and my Roman soldier.


Me and my mum made a roman shield and sword to go with it and my mum taught me how the romans soldiers stood with their shields and swords so they could protect their bodies. We had lots of fun!'


Well done Hannah!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Guess Who


Yesterday, it was indeed Kaden! Well done with your guesses.


This little boy comes in to class and gives a big cheery ‘good morning’ to everyone he sees. He is super polite, very trustworthy and honest. He is not only kind to his friends but to everyone around school. Miss Stott and I always hear about this boy being a superstar when travelling around school. This boy is an incredible goalkeeper and a big Rochdale fan… Can you guess who?


Right, here it is! The Ultimate St George's Day Challenge!

I have loved reading these true or false statements for St George's day. I have a picked a few winners from yesterday. Their statements are below. I would like you to pick one piece of work and have a go answering 'true' or 'false'. You might want to watch the video again first!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 1

Right, let’s get learning before the weekend.




Watch the link below until 11 minutes 30 seconds. You’ve now listened to the chapters; the glass eye, the frog and the wormy spaghetti – which we focused on yesterday.


Now watch the link until 14 minutes 10 seconds. This our new chapter to talk about today.


Your task for today is on PurpleMash. I would like you to write a diary entry for Mrs Twit. So! You all have to get in to character. Think – nasty, mean, horrible! That’s who you are now! You are Mrs Twit and you’re going to write in your diary all about the tricks you and your husband play on each other. I have put a list with questions on to help you write your diary entry.

Roald Dahl | The Twits

Watch to 14 minutes 10 seconds



We're back on top Year 3! Well done! I can't believe how hard some of you worked on Reading Eggs yesterday while busy planning your pranks! Marvellous work. Sign in again today please and complete a good 30 minute session again. Give your parents some peace and time to rest after all those pranks - you can complete reading eggs on your own. 




You've all been doing a great job with your 3D shapes. I've set you up a couple more tasks on Mathletics.




You might want to refresh your memory on Boudicca and why she was so important during the Roman's conquer of Britain.

Watch the clip below to help you.

Boudicca & the Roman Invasion | The Story of Britain | BBC Teach

Watch this clip again! We have to remember Boudicca!

Today, we're going to look at the Romans and Scotland. This is super interesting! 

Follow the link below to the BBCBitesize website. There's quite a bit of reading so use a screen reader if some of the words are tricky. Watch the videos and then answer this question - "Why couldn't the Romans conquer Scotland?"



We're all in this together

Sing Up is producing a song a week for us all to learn to help bring us closer.  As a school, we thought it would be a great idea if children could learn the same song each week and then all sing it at 3pm each Friday.  This is a great way to help us all feel 'in it together'.

Practise the song of the week daily then you can sing your hearts out each Friday at 3pm.


Follow the link below.


Special Announcement

Come back and check the Year 3 Class Page for out special announcement! There'll be certificates, star of the week and a special birthday shout out.


See you soon Year 3. Work hard - it puts a HUGE smile on my face seeing your efforts!


Miss you all very, very much!