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Remote Learning Week 3 Day 4

Good morning Year 3


Hope you’re all still well and enjoying the sunshine as well as completing your tasks.

I'm in school again today so sorry if I take a while to get back to your emails. 

Yesterday, we decided to get the chalks out and make the playground a little more colourful.



Picture 1

Let's have a look at all your Roman pictures from yesterday.

Zak had an excellent go drawing his soldier.

Picture 1
Max B put some fantastic effort in to his drawing!
Picture 1
Georgia had a great go at it too!
Picture 1
Jackson also produced an amazing Roman soldier.
Picture 1
Blair made a great one too!
Picture 1
Mrs Singleton has a couple of little girls in Year 3 and they have made Roman bears! Check out how cute they are!
Picture 1

Guess Who


Yesterday's guess who was indeed Georgia! Well done to all of you who guessed correctly.

Today's... This little boy has the cheekiest smile. He is funny, caring and a good friend. He has a very contagious giggle, so when he starts, we all laugh too! He always loves to swing on his chair no matter where he sits! He loves playing star wars and earning rewards in class. Can you guess who?


Right! Let's get learning!




Well Year 3, your Mrs Twit profiles yesterday were just superb! Every single one of you earned a reward. I’d love to be able to fill our classroom with your awesome work but I’m happy having them stored and ready to pop up once we’re back in school.

Today, you’re going to watch this clip of The Twits. We’re moving a little further forward in the story.

Answer these questions about the clip

What happened?

What did Mrs Twit do?


How did Mr Twit react?

How would you have reacted?


Your task – You’re going to plan a funny prank that you could play on someone in your house.

Write a story about you pranking someone in your house and illustrate it with a detailed picture.

Can’t wait to read some of these!





I had sad, sad news. We’re not the number one class on Reading Eggs anymore! This needs sorting Year 3. You know I love winning and we were winning for so long! So, don’t skip this session. Get yourselves logged on and sit quietly for 30 minutes enjoying this fabulous program.




I can’t believe you’re still managing to put a smile on my face with your work, Year 3. So many of you did the 3D shape challenges on Purple Mash. I’m super impressed and proud.

Log on to Mathletics for today. I’ve set a task for you on Mathletics.




I’m sorry! I know it says on the weekly timetable that we are doing Languages but I realised it’s St George’s Day today! I thought we should definitely do something to celebrate. Watch the clip below all about the story of St George’s day.

You must all remember creating a True or False quiz – we’ve done it a lot! I would like you to write 10 statements for a True of False Quiz. If you emails your quizzes to me, we’ll have a competition tomorrow for who can answer the most correctly! I’m excited.

Saint George's Day Animated History

Watch the clip then write 10 true of false statements