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Remote Learning Week 3 Day 1

Good morning Year 3!

Hope you’re all happy and well. Miss Collins and I have missed you very much! Still missing your faces but hopefully we’ll be getting more emails with updates on your learning and fun at home. Luckily, I did receive a few updates during the sunny Easter holidays, let’s have a look at what you’ve been up to…


Jack has had a lovely Easter. Lots of fun outside in the garden, playing pooh sticks in the river behind his house and indoor picnics. He's enjoyed letting the rats in his bedroom for the first time ever! Jack is also sporting a new buzz cut which looks mega!

Great holiday fun Jack!

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Kaden has been very busy! He has made home-made boats from junk modelling and practiced floating them in the water. He’s completed the RSBP Wild Challenge based on the miles he walked with the dog last week. Then he and his brothers researched all about the bird they were matched to (the Brent Goose) and made junk-model-birds. He completed a Harpoons drawing which seems like lots of fun! He has decorated his own volcano and made it erupt! He made some delicious pineapple cakes! He’s completed work on windmills and constructed some Lego models. Finally, he’s been planting some seeds to grow fruit and vegetables! Me too, Kaden!

Excellent work, you’ve been working very hard.

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Blair has been working hard at the stables and he’s been very lucky to see lots of new-born lambs and calves! He’s been learning all about farm animals and their young.

Well done Blair, I’m so jealous, they look so cute and cuddly!

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Ellie sent over her homophone poem. Have a read! It’s beautiful!

Feel free to email some pictures over of all the fun things you’ve been up to at home over the Easter holidays!



Well, let’s get learning!



This week in Literacy we’re going to be reading The Twits by Roald Dahl! A personal favourite of mine!

Watch this Youtube video for 6 minutes then pause it.


Roald Dahl | The Twits

Watch for 6 minutes.

These are the first three chapters of the twits; hope you’re enjoying it so far!


Your task for today is to find all the new exciting vocabulary from the text and write them down. This link will take you to a copy of the text.

For example – you might not have heard the word ‘tufts’ before.

Once you have your list of new words, use Word Hippo to help you find the meaning of the word.

Copy it down!

Picture 1
Picture 1

Which meaning do you think ‘tuft’ has in this book?

Roald Dahl is describing Mr Twit’s nose hair as a ‘bunch of hair held together at the base of his nose’. Gross!

Feel free to send me your list at the end of the day! You could even type it in to an email 😊

I would like at least 6 words please!




Jump on to Reading Eggs guys! We're still the number one class for most hours on the program! Yay! If you haven't been on over the Easter holidays, try and complete a full level and gain some coins, this could be the week you earn a certificate!




In Maths this week we are going to be learning all about 3D shapes!

We’re going to be learning some new vocabulary that we'll use every day. Get your brain boxes ready!

Faces - a 2D surface that makes up one side of a 3D shape.

Vertices - the point or corner of a 3D shape.

Edges - where two faces meet and create an edge.

To help you remember these facts a little better, watch this video.

Faces, Edges and Vertices

Maybe you could make up a song to help you remember?

Your task for today is to run around the house and try and find 10 3D objects

I would like you to label them for me - so, if you find a dice from a board game and realise it's a cube - label it as a cube!


Extra Challenge!

When you label your shape, tell me what 2D shape makes up the face - so, your dice has six square faces.


Send me some pictures please, I'd love to see how you get on :) 


Our Science topic this half term is skeletons!

Follow this link to watch a video all about skeletons then complete the quiz at the end.



Extra Challenge


Follow this link to a game called 'assemble the skeleton'.

You have to click on 'assemble' NOT label.

This is tricky! We would spend a good hour putting Bob and Bobette (our class skeletons) together before trying this.

However, if you study this skeleton I've assembled very closely, you might be able to assemble your own!

The game tells you the name of all the bones when you click on them, You sometimes have to get the bones on the correct side of the body.

Now, here's the fun part - the game tells you how many 'tries' it takes you to assemble your skeleton... try and beat your last score. The more you play the game, the better you'll be! Have fun!





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