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Remote Learning Week 2 Day 3

Good morning Year 3!


It was lovely to receive so many emails yesterday of all the fabulous things you guys have been up to. It really does keep me smiling knowing you're still trying your best. Let's have a look at what you've been up to!


Max D has given permission for his beautiful singing video to uploaded. 

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Mason sent in a brilliant photo of his efforts in the Science task, very clear explanations. Then he sent in a video of him counting in French! Excellent try Mason!

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Sam has also sent in a video of him practising counting in French. There's a special video to follow after too where Sam shows that he can already count to 20 in a different foreign language. Can any of you guess what language it is?


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We had some correct guesses yesterday, it was indeed Blair!


Today, Miss Collins has a great description! Ready to guess? This little boy may be one of the smallest boys in Year 3 but he definitely has the biggest heart! He is kind, caring, fun and cheeky. His games are always popular with everyone in class and there's always lots of laughter on the playground when playing them. This boy has recently got some gorgeous black jam jar glasses and he looks super cool when he wears them! Can you guess who?


Today's Learning

Well, we best get on to what we're doing today!



Literacy today is set up on your Purple Mash. We're still looking at some different homophones. How are you getting on with them already? There'll be extra points for those of you who complete the challenge that follows the quiz. Unfortunately, this a PDF - meaning you have to copy the sentences in to your remote learning book, DON'T SCROLL TOO FAR, THE ANSWERS ARE AT THE BOTTOM! If you would like this challenge, send me an email and I'll set them as a to do. They're simply 'fill in the blanks' worksheets. I might be able to add them to this webpage later on!



Carry on with your lessons on Reading Eggs. I can't tell you how valuable this resource is! Your reading will continue to improve if you go on here everyday and practise.



I'd really like you to continue with your timetables today. Below I've attached a worksheet that has multiplication and division problems. Remember, we only touched upon division so if the question asks you what is 20 divided by 4 you count in 4s up to 20 - how many 4s did you need? Answers are at the bottom of the page - no cheating!



Well, today we've got a really special task. 

I would like you to make a list of 10 things you could do to help around the house. 

Write the list in your remote learning book and work through it this afternoon. I would love to see pictures of the list and pictures of you helping out! The tricky part? YOU have to think of the list. No asking parents and carers. 

I'll give you some examples;

1. Tidy my bedroom. Properly. Not hiding things under my bed or in my cupboard.

2. Help to make tea

3. Do the washing up after tea

4. Feed the pets

5. Make a drink for an adult

6. Clean all the door handles

7. Take the recycling out

8. Vacuum the stairs

9. Tidy up any mess I made today

10. Organise all my books 


A special mention will be given to the child with the best idea for helping out around the house. Now off you go my little troopers! Work hard. Miss you.