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Remote Learning Day 64

Here is your work for today. Any queries, just email me at

9am - 9:30am: PE with Joe Wicks (link below)

9:30am - 10:30am Maths

For the first 15 minutes you are going to warm up your maths brain using the link below. 

For the rest of this session, you are going to be completing the 3 activities I have set you on Purple Mash. Don't forget to do as we would do in class: if you don't get 8 out of 10. re-do it.

10:30am - 11am BREAK

11am - 12pm: Literacy: This week's topic is Vindictive Villains! This week explores villains from popular children’s literature and film. Now read the paragraph which first describes Cruella de Vil, from the book One Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith (link below). Once on the website, click on READ A SAMPLE and scroll across the pages until you see the illustration of people and 2 Dalmatian dogs. On the right-hand side, you will see the paragraph which opens 'At that moment the peace was shattered... and ends rather unusual'. Read it once and then read it again. This time, as you are reading, draw a quick sketch of Cruella based on how she is described (not what you think or have seen in a film). Once you drawn your picture, label her with words and phrases from the text. Now watch and enjoy this scene from the 1996 film, watch it once and then watch it again. This time compare the film Cruella to the book Cruella. Write the headings similarities and differences and complete it like we did for Holes in class. What was similar in the book and film and what was different? Based on what you have watched and read, what do you think was the most successful at introducing Cruella as a villain and why?

12 - 1pm: LUNCH

1pm - 2pm: Topic Work: Today's topic work is Music. You are going to be learning about how texture can be used to make music more interesting, how pop songs are structured and the importance of pitch and melody. Link below.

2pm - 2:30pm BREAK

2:30pm - 3pm: Free Choice Activity Sheet Work: You choose the activity you want to do from the sheet below entitled Year 6 Free Choice Activity Sheet.

3pm - 3:20pm: Reading for Pleasure.

Cruella's Entering

The most stylish villain.

Year 6 Free Choice Activity Sheet.