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Remote Learning Week 1 Day 4

Good Morning Year 3! 


Oh how I wish to see your smiley faces while I do the register. 

I was speaking to Miss Collins yesterday and she had the best idea! Each morning before you have to start reading about the tasks for the day, she suggested we play a game. The game is GUESS WHO. 

Miss Collins is going to write a description of one child in the class and you have to guess who it is. The next morning, I'll reveal who it was before writing the next description. This can be our morning activity!


Are you ready?



This boy has a fantastic sense of humour, he made us all laugh during circle time when he was asked "What would you do if you were invisible for the day?" This boy replied "I would get a bucket of fried chicken and start eating it slowly in front of people so all they would see was a piece of fried chicken slowly disappearing." More clues? This boy has the most beautiful handwriting and is a fantastic artist. He is a wonderful friend to everyone and you can hear him chatting away to everyone on his table - I had to call him Mr Silent! Biggest clue? Miss Collins calls him Grandad!


Who is it? You'll find out tomorrow!



On with today's tasks. Hope you're all doing okay with them so far? If not, email me

I'll help you as best I can. The work I can see is very good!




Today we're going to carry on with our stories. I really do hope you can all see my marking on your Purple Mash? We've never done it this way before, but if it works, I like it!

We're writing our next planning box today, we're going to describe the main character running home to tell a family member all about the new monster. Then we're going to describe the trap they build to catch the monster.

Please see my example below and look at the key skills you have to use today. Have fun!



Picture 1



Continue your excellent work on reading eggs. If you want to collect eggs, you need to be completing your levels or reading a book from the library. Otherwise, have fun in the arcade or change your avatar today if you like. 




I have set tasks on Mathletics, the ones yesterday didn't set properly until lunchtime so sorry if you have quite a few to complete today! These are problem solving and reasoning tasks. You can only do these if I set them as you can't find them elsewhere. The really get your brain working!


Design Technology


Oh this is a fun one! Design something - anything with a moving part! It could be The Iron Man, or an Easter card or a car. It's up to you. Ask if you can send a picture, I would love to see them! 


Have a wonderful day Year 3, stay safe. Miss you all very, very much!