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Remote Learning Day 35

Here is your work for today. Any queries, just email me at

9am - 9:30am: PE

PE with Joe Wicks (web link below)

9:30am - 10:30am Maths

For the first 15 minutes you are going to warm up your maths brain using the link below. 

For the rest of this session, you are going to complete the Number of the Week - document below.

10:30am - 11am BREAK

11am - 12pm: Literacy: The topic of this unit for the next 2 weeks is Climate Change!

1)Read National Geographic Kids – What is climate change? (document below) As you are reading, make notes for the information you find. 2)Now watch CAFOD: Climate Change Animation for Primary Schools (clip below) and make further notes. Task: Imagine you have been asked to create an information page for a magazine based on climate change. Use your notes to create your page, making sure your explanation and facts are clear. You can also use pictures/images to support your explanation.

12pm- 1pm LUNCH

1pm - 2pm: Topic Work: Today’s topic is Geography. You are going to be learning about natural resources including agricultural and geological resources. Follow the link below for the instructions and videos. The document to complete is below too.

2pm - 2:30pm BREAK

2:30pm - 3:00pm: Use this short session to work on one Spice Grid activity and bear in mind that it may take more than one session to complete it.

3:00pm - 3:20pm

Reading for Pleasure And Sing Up practice

What is Climate Change?

CAFOD: Climate Change Animation for Primary Schools

CAFOD resources for children and young people: --- Learn all about climate change through our animation for...

Geography Worksheet.