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Remote Learning Day 27

Here is your work for today. Remember - Stay Safe!

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9am - 9:30am: PE

PE with Joe Wicks (web link below)

9:30am - 10:30am Maths

For the first 15 minutes you are going to warm up your maths brain using the link below.

For the rest of this session, you are going to play the Maths game ‘Totality’(document below). Watch the clip below and then have a go yourself.

10:30am - 11am BREAK

11am - 12pm: Literacy.

Watch the clip below where author Pádraig Kenny talking about his novel Tin. Think about and record in writing, responses to the following questions:

Why is this image so powerful?

Why do you think Pádraig Kenny chose to open his novel with this scene?

What impression does this scene give the reader of Mr Absalom and the robotic child (Jack)?

Task: Using the extract, create a picture to accompany this scene. How will you illustrate Mr Absalom, Jack, Christopher and the childless couple? How do your illustrations help the reader to gain an understanding of each character?

12pm- 1pm LUNCH

1pm - 2pm: PSHE Theme: Healthy Relationships! We have discussed this in class this year already but it is important as you start to think about high school and the new relationships you will make there. Think about the relationships you have with your friends, parents and siblings. What makes it a good healthy relationship? Then answer the questions (document below). Finally complete your task which is to design a Relationship Cake Recipe (document below)

2pm - 2:30pm BREAK

2:30pm - 3:00pm: Use this short session to work on one Spice Grid activity and bear in mind that it may take more than one session to complete it.

3:00pm - 3:20pm

Reading for Pleasure And Sing Up practice

Lancashire maths team - totality game

Watch Lancashire Professional Development Service maths consultant Tim Kirk demonstrate 'Totality', a simple maths game for primary aged children. Visit the ...

Maths Totality

Pádraig Kenny talks about Tin

Our Children's Book of the Month is the charming novel Tin by Pádraig Kenny. Here he tells us a bit more about what the book is about, where the idea came fr...

Healthy Relationships Part 1

Relationship Cake Recipe