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Remote Learning Week 1 Day 2



I have set up a 'to do' on your Purple Mash (it's working better today) It's a blank chapter book and we are going to create a front cover for your adventure story! 

Here's mine...





Picture 1



Complete another level on Reading Eggs - I can see many of you are doing well! Great job!




Let's do something different today (Mathletics is down at the moment)

Go on to the topmarks website and play this coin game

Search 'top marks coin game' in google.

Start with adding 4 coins up to 20p and work your way up!

If you get to adding 6 coins - let me know! I'll be impressed. 

Picture 1

Spelling practise


Here's a list of the spelling you would have been tested on today.


Enough Exercise Experience Experiment Extreme Famous Favourite February Forward Fruit


If you are in Miss Collins' group, hopefully you have your spellings? If not, practise on Reading Eggs (you can click the back button at the top if you'd like some easier spellings to practise) I'll start setting your spellings up on reading eggs and we'll be recapping Year 2 spellings first. 


To practise, you could play the missing vowel game 



_ n _ _ g h   > fill in the blanks e n o u g h