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As we've already found out, Lent is an important time for Christians, who try and follow the example of sacrifice Jesus made when Christians believe he wandered in the wilderness of the desert for 40 days and said no to temptation.


Here are 3 things people have given up for Lent and their reasons:

  •  ‘I have decided to give up buying clothes for Lent. I will give the money I save to charity.’
  •  ‘I am giving up my computer/tablet for Lent. This will mean I have more time to spend with my family.’
  •  ‘I have decided to give up sweets and cake this Lent. This helps me to remember children in other countries who don’t have enough food.’


Who they think made the biggest sacrifice for Lent? Why? Why might a Christian say that making a real sacrifice is important during Lent? What might you give up for Lent? Let me know on your 2do - Day 5 - Lent Answers.