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Last week in RE we looked at the meaning of commitment and what it means. In the religion of Islam, it's a very important idea as Muslims have to commit to following 5 ideas called the "Pillars of Islam". 

Our focus this half term is on one of them, which Muslims call 'sawm' - fasting during the month of Ramadan. But there are 4 others; shahada (declaration of faith), hajj (pilgramage), zakat (charity) and salat (prayer). But what exactly do Muslims commit to when they follow these 5 things? Have a look at this clip by an 11 year old Muslim who explains what each is about:


Once you've done that, you need to either log on to PurpleMash and click on Day 20 - All About The Five Pillars of Islam. There will be some questions for you to answer on each of the 5 Pillars to test your knowledge and help you make an information poster about the 5 Pillars.