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It's important to take care of our health in body and mind at all times, and this includes during our home learning. Have a look at this schedule planner which will help you, courtesy of our main man Harold the Giraffe. You can have a look at his daily diary here:

to give you some ideas. Being active is all about exercise - how can you keep active each day? You might do a SuperMovers dance, some star jumps, push-ups, running on the spot or press-ups. Getting creative - how can you keep your mind engaged with creative activities like making something, writing a story, creating some art?

For connecting with others, who will you connect with and what will you say? Which friends could you call on the phone or message safely online? Helping others - doing good feels good; which acts of kindness could you show around the house? Which chores could you do to make people's lives easier? Mindful moments is an activity for you to unwind after our remote learning - Harold is going to do some colouring.

Let me know how you'll stay healthy in body and mind using the table below! It's also on PurpleMash on Day 6 - Schedule. Drag text boxes to complete the grid.