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Preston Crown Court Trip

On Monday, the Year 6 children had a class trip to Preston Crown Court to coincide with our work on World Democracy Day. The children were to take part in a mock court case involving Anti-Social behaviour. We had to audition for the parts and then learn the types of questions we might need to ask if we were defending or if we were the claimants. The children learned all about the different roles in a court and in a court case. The children were fantastically behaved from leaving school to getting back. The staff at the courts were extremely impressed with how the way the children behaved, their knowledge and the questions they asked. They were even impressed with the body scanner we had to walk through just to get into court. The children who played the parts of the judge, barristers, usher and clerk were all provided with cloaks and wigs but sadly - due to courtroom restrictions - I was unable to take photographs. This was disappointing to say the least as they looked amazing and very official. The children had a fantastic day and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Well done Year 6 - an amazing trip!