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November 2017 Update

Since our first council meeting of the Autumn Term we have been very busy.  We have been meeting at least once every fortnight, sometimes more regularly to discuss a range of new ideas for Northern.  Here are some of the things we are working on;

1) The role of our school Governors.  We met with Mrs Ormrod and found out lots more about what our Governors do for us and our school (see additional link on our page).

2) Making playtimes happier and safer.  We have been discussing having a group of children whose job at playtimes will be to help keep playtimes peaceful.  We fed back to our classes and asked them to come up with and vote for ideas for a name for this team of children.  The winning name was 'Playground Peace Police!"  We have also discussed what the role of these children will be in more detail and created a 'job description'.  Our next task will be to inform classes of this and officially advertise the role for relevant children to apply for.  We are very excited as a council about being able to be involved in the 'selection and interview' process.  Look out for further updates on this!

3) We have begun thinking about how to keep playtimes healthier and are beginning to look at whether or not we should have rules for the school on what snacks are and are not acceptable as we want to be seen as a healthy school making good food choices.


We have lots going on as you can see but are really enjoying our role representing out peers.  Keep your eyes on our page to keep up to date on what we are up to!


Team School Council