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Y3 visit Deerplay Rest Home

On Tuesday 11th October, our wonderful Year 3 children walked up to Weir to visit some of the residents at the Deerplay Rest Home. The children had practiced four fantastic songs to sing to the residents and also read some poems beautifully. They sang All Things Bright and Beautiful, Autumn Days, Cauliflowers Fluffy and, the children's personal favourite, Roller Ghoster! It was wonderful to see the children smiling and singing with such enthusiasm, the residents clearly loved seeing the children and even joined in with our two more traditional songs. Our poem readers Emily, Liv, Jasey and Tom did a fantastic job despite being nervous and the staff accompanying the children could not have been more proud of them for a fantastic morning sharing our music with the wider community! Well done Year 3!

The children received a lovely thank you letter from Mary, one of the residents at Deerplay, it said:

On behalf of the residents of Deerplay Rest Home I want to thank you for entertaining us on Tuesday morning. It was wonderful to hear you singing with such joy and enthusiasm. A special mention to the children who read their poems beautifully. I know it can be a daunting task so well done. Also, well done teachers for training them to such a high standard. I was a choir member at St Nicholas church for 42 years so I know how much effort is required. We look forward to hearing you again soon. It brightened up our day.

Once more a big THANKYOU. Best wishes to you all.