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Playground Peace Police Interviews

On Wednesday 9th October, the School Council along with Mrs Egan interviewed pupils in Year 3, 5 and 6 for the role of a position within the Playground Peace Police. The children last year worked with their classes to develop this new role which is performed by children at play times to help to keep play times happy and peaceful.  The Council created a job description (see below) and invited candidates for interviews just as would be done for a 'real job'.  Both the School Council and the children being interviewed behaved in a very professional and mature manner and they should be proud of how they conducted themselves.  The Council had a tough decision choosing which children they would recommend for the teachers to approve for the roles but we think we have a very good group of children ready to take on their role after half term.  Well done to everyone involved!  Pictures of the Playground Peace Police will be up on the website soon!

Playground Peace Police Job Description

We need 4 Playground Peace Police for ‘infant play’ and 4 Playground Peace Police for ‘junior play’.  Both teams will share the responsibility of lunch break for their appropriate year groups.

If you are in Years 3, 5 or 6 and are interested in becoming one of our Playground Peace Police, here are the things that the children at Northern Primary would like you to help them with;

  • Oversee games to make sure they are being played fairly and not being spoiled by others
  • Help to sort out small arguments
  • Look out for accidents and ‘be the first on the scene’
  • Monitor the football and basketball areas to ensure fair play
  • Keep an eye out for sad/upset children or children who are alone and try to help them if they need it
  • Watch out for mean words and bullying
  • Look out for emotional outbursts and report to the adults on duty as soon as possible
  • Help the adults on duty by reporting anything that you cannot sort out quickly and easily.

We also believe that the Playground Peace Police should make sure that they;

  • Do not take sides
  • Do not just focus their attention on their own friends or year group
  • Do not tell children off, they are there to listen and talk and try to find compromises to help keep playtimes peaceful.

If you are interested in this exciting opportunity, please let your school council reps know!