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Our first School Council meeting for this term!

I now have the pleasure of leading School Council at Northern and today we held our first lunch meeting!  We all met together to discuss the role of a School Councillor and talked about the differences we would like to make.  

Some of the issues raised were -

The cups at lunchtime are not large enough

There are only goal posts at one end of the football pitch (one side is just painted on the wall)

There are no slides, swings or roundabouts in the playground (the meeting is completely child led!)

The other issue which the children raised was the main road and safety.  We have previously been visited by Fox Brothers who talked to the children about road safety, particularly safety around trucks.  

Children raised some concerns about the trucks travelling past school during busy times such as coming to school and home time, the dirt which comes from the trucks and also the noise.

I have spoken to a Zowie, a representative from Fox Brothers and she has agreed to attend our next School Council meeting to discuss the issues raised with the children.