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Our class values and zones of regulation

At Northern we are so proud of how important our children feel in making a difference to their learning. Every school year starts with the children in each class discussing how they learn best and which values they would like to establish to ensure every child is able to learn and be happy. The values that the children choose then become the central part of each classes positive behaviour strategies. 

This year, we are also working hard to help each child to understand the different feelings they might experience during the school day. Last week, each class worked hard to identify strategies and tools that the children could implement if they were feeling anything other than happy. Every class, has created a 'Regulation Station' to ensure that every child feels able to regulate their feelings to ensure they return to green as soon as possible. 

If you are interested to find out more then visit your child's class website page and click on the icons and all will be explained in more detail.