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Keeping our brains and bodies active keeps us smiley and healthy

As a school community we are trying really hard to find ways to keep everyone around us smiley. This outdoor challenge is a great way of enjoying time outside and appreciating the world we live in. Why not see how many of the challenges you can complete...

Could you add an extra step to one of the challenges and send it to a friend or neighbour?


Half-term photo competition, RSSP are asking pupils to send in photos of their favourite green space within Rossendale along with a caption. There will be winners picked from EYFS, KS1, KS2 and KS3 for this competition across Rossendale.


'Urban Orienteering'. Pendle Forest orienteers have kindly put together over 20 routes throughout Rossendale for families to have a go at this week and over half term. Please follow the link for an explanation sheet   . You can also access all of the maps and answer sheets (this link is in the explanation sheet) here  .If our pupils take part in these activities and send in their photos and videos RSSP shall pick 5 pupils, that have entered, at random to receive an Amazon Voucher.