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International Day of Democracy

At Northern, our children understand that our country has a political system called a democracy when means 'rule by the people.' Through our work on being a Silver Rights Respecting School we understand that every child has the right to their own thoughts and beliefs. Everyone is free to choose their own religion and to practice their religion as they want to. Every individual has the right to enjoy their own culture, along with other members of their group, even if their group is a minority. However, everyone must exercise these rights peacefully, with respect for the law and the rights of others.

At Northern, all pupils in the school are involved in the school council. This is pupil-led. The Northern community believe that this plays an important role and deals with significant issues. It makes a difference.

Our Northern community used the International Day of Democracy to develop understanding about the rights of every child around the world to live with freedom, peace and human rights.

Together we have a stronger voice to make a difference.