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Dog Safety Assembly

Today, we had a special visitor at Northern Primary School.

Billy Boo and his owner Julia held a special assembly in aid of the Blue Cross for Pets.

Julia explained to all the children how we can be safe with dogs.

We looked at different pictures of dogs and assessed their behaviour and stance; we learnt how dogs can look 'red', 'amber' or 'green'.

Red - This was a 'go away' stance and we learnt that is best not to approach these dogs.

Amber - This was a 'be careful' dog and we learnt that these dogs are unsure and it is best to keep away.

Green - This was a 'I'm happy' dog and we learnt that after approaching the dog's owner, we could say hello to this dog.


Some very lucky children then got to have a cuddle with Billy Boo.


To find out more about Blue Cross for Pets please visit: