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Museum of Science and Industry

On Monday, we visited the Museum of Science and Industry.

As soon as we got there, we watched a planned show called 'The Wonder of Light'. We enjoyed working out how 'The Phantom Photo frame' and 'The Headless Horror' and 'The Cloning Cube' all worked. 

Sorry for chopping your head off Caylen. Hope it mends well.


We then got to explore The Experiment Room, lifting Minis, checking to see if our reactions were quicker than a gorilla's, creating tornados and earthquakes and solving complex puzzles.


Finally, we headed over the The Air and Space Hall where we researched the developments in aeroplanes over the decades. We interacted with another show called 'Forces and Flight'. Amelia became Albert Einstein and the boys and girls had a race! (The girls won but... it wasn't a fair race!) We learned all about Jack Alcock, a man from Manchester who was the first to cross the Atlantic Ocean and win £10000!


Then we headed home. We must have been exhausted from all the fun because it was a very quiet coach!