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Monday 4th May

Good afternoons Reception Class.  Well done for all your great home learning today.  Please email me to let me know how you are all getting on from home. 

Today's home learning pictures.

Today's home learning pictures. 1 Great maths Seth!
Today's home learning pictures. 2 Lovely literacy work Pippa!
Today's home learning pictures. 3 Great maths Pippa!

Good morning Reception Class.  I hope you have all had a great weekend and enjoyed spending time with your family. 

This week our topic is going to be 'Big, Bad Bugs!'  I have also set challenges on Reading Eggs for you.  


I have also attached the phonics sounds.  Please practice Set 1 and 2 daily.


Literacy and topic work 

Talk to your child about what a bug is i.e. a small insect. Do they know any names of any bugs? Go on a bug hunt in your garden or look for bugs on a walk. Listen to the song and watch the link below to find out some names of bugs (Note: replace ‘ladybug’ – Americanism, with ‘ladybird.’) Join in saying the names on a second viewing. Clapping the syllables might help, e.g. three claps when saying butterfly – butt-er-fly. Write a list of the bugs that you now know and draw a picture to go with each. Encourage use of phonics and independent writing. Take the list with you on a walk and spot the bugs you can see. Extend to writing sentences e.g. I can see a bee. I can see a … I can see a …etc.



Maths - Number of the week

Please remember to log on to Sing Up to learn this weeks 'Song of the Week'.  Also, although Joe Wicks is unable to complete his daily workout, his wife has stepped in so you can take part in exercise online at


Picture 1 Lovely to see Thomas playing shops with his mummy.