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Monday 27th April

Pippa and Seth have completed some great home learning.

Fabulous maths Seth!
Wow, you even added eggs to your nest!
What a fabulous picture, well done.
Great maths Pippa!
This is fabulous Pippa, well done!
Good afternoon Reception Class.  It has been lovely to receive emails today letting me know how you are getting on.  Keep it up and before we know it we will all be back in school.  Well done!

Good morning Reception Class.  I hope that you have had a lovely weekend in the sun.  I have loved seeing how well you have all been getting on. Please remember to send me an email or pictures of your work so I can keep up to date with how you all are.  This weeks challenges are:

Maths - 

I have attached a document below,  If you don't have a printer don't worry, you can just write it in your exercise book.


Literacy - Listen and enjoy the I’m a Spring Chicken song, joining in where they can to the chorus: w&t=93s Watch a chick hatch from its egg: Y&t=77s and talk about how it pecks its way out. You could use words like, laid, hatch, peck, tiny, fluffy, feathers. Your child could write about what they have seen. Encourage them to use their phonics to write independently.


Topic - collect resources to make your own nest.  Do this either in your garden or yard or when you are taking your daily exercise.

maths Monday 27th March