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Monday 20th April

Good afternoon Reception Class.


I hope you have all enjoyed your first day back to remote learning.  I will continue to send you tasks daily and I look forward to seeing more of the pictures of your completed work.  Take care and keep safe.  Mrs Ewens. 

Good morning Reception Class!  I hope that you have all had a fantastic Easter break and have enjoyed all of the fabulous sunshine. I have really missed seeing all your smiley faces so I am looking forward to receiving more pictures of all your hard work.

Today I would like you to have a go at completing these tasks:



 Count to 100 with your child! (if your child is not ready for this then apply the same rules to count to 20 or 30 etc)


o You can either do this alone or along with an animation 

o In either case, ask your child to show fingers to match the units. o Hold up 1 finger for each number spoken to 5. Then wave the hand to show five fingers.

o Hold up 1 finger on the second hand for each number from 6 to 10 and wave both hands to show 10 fingers.

o Continue these actions through each set of 10, from 11 to 20, from 21 to 30, and so on.




o Start at 50. Can you still count to 100? Now start at 68….


There is also a challenge on Mathseeds for you if you want to complete more!



Read ‘Dear Postman’ then complete these activities:



Talk about the pattern of the story. Each animal asks for a different thing and then the postman/woman brings it. Talk about what Sam asked for. Why do you think the postman could not bring a tiger? What did he bring instead?

Look back at each wrapped parcel illustration. Talk about what your child would ask the postman to bring them and why. Help your child to draw an outline of what they would ask for and then ‘wrap’ it by drawing wrapping paper and a bow on What will your parcel look like? below. They can label their parcel with their name. Try and write the address.

Try these Fun-Time Extras:

•Play a descriptive guessing game: I’ve got a present for you. It is smooth and round and bounces if I drop it. Etc.

•Visit a virtual zoo: and listen to a keeper speaking about their work

•Listen and join in to the song We’re all going to the Zoo Tomorrow 



Choose one of the activities from the weekly curriculum overview.


I look forward to seeing how you all get on with today’s challenges.  Well done Reception Class.