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May 2018 Update

As always School Council have had a busy few months.  The Playground Peace Police are now fully operational and have a timetable for when they are to be 'on duty' during break and lunchtimes.  The children seem to be really enjoying their role, which will be reviewed with Mrs Egan in a short meeting near half term once they have had time to get used to things.


In our meetings we have been discussing various issues brought up by individual classes.  Children wanted to be allowed drinks outside but this was decided to be impractical due to how to manage it, where to keep the drinks and so on.  Mrs Egan also reminded us to feedback to classes that all children are allowed a water bottle in class and if these are used sensibly, there should be no need for drinks to be taken outside as well.  


Another issue raised in our meetings was the cutlery provided for children who are on school dinners.  Many children dislike the plastic cutlery currently being used as they find them awkward and difficult to cut properly with.  As a council we decided to write a letter to Debbie our cook, explaining the feelings of the pupils and requesting the possibility of having metal cutlery instead, even if only for the older KS2 children to give lunchtimes a more grown up feel.  We offered to help in any way we could as we understood that it might be a costly or difficult issue to resolve immediately.  This letter has now been written and passed on,  so watch this space!


Finally, School Council will be involved in one final project before we finish for the Summer, linking to out quest to become a Silver Rights Respecting School so keep an eye on our web page for more information coming soon!