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We've been looking at shapes all week long, so we're going to finish off the week by sorting them into a Venn Diagram. We've looked at Venn Diagrams before - the 'two circles' diagram, where they overlap in the middle. We're going to use this website:


You'll see a bunch of questions to sort shapes in to the circle groups - I picked regular (all the sides and angles are the same) and parallel sides (it has 2 sides that would never touch). You can pick the same as me, or make it more challenging for yourself.


It'll give you a shape at a time to sort into the Venn diagram. Here's my finished diagram:

So the equilateral triangle and circle I've put in the 'regular shape' side - they don't have any parallel sides though. The square and regular hexagon are both regular and have parallel sides, so they go in the middle. Those weird spike shapes and the 'C' looking shape have parallel sides, but aren't regular, so they go in the parallel sides circle. On the outside of the circles are shapes that won't fit anywhere in the circles, like the ninja stars an oblong.


Take a screenshot of your finished Venn diagram to send to me, and don't be afraid to play around with it and check your answers!