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Time to recap good old grid multiplication, more specifically 3 digit numbers multiplied by a 1 digit number. You need to log on to PurpleMash and find:

Day 54 - Multiplying HTU x U


The question is set out in a column, but don't let that confuse you - we can use the grid method to multiply the two numbers and get the final answer. Refresh your memory of the method, how to set it out and the steps to success by watching this video:

Y4 - how to multiply using the grid method

A video for Year 4 children and their parents showing how to multiply a 3-digit number by a 1-digit number using the grid method.

Edit; I've had a few emails saying that, shockingly, PurpleMash is having one of it's moments. Whilst we calm it down and give it a nice cup of tea, have a look at these multiplication grid questions instead: