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We looked at arrays yesterday, we're moving on to multiplying with grids today. You can see how it's set out here - 


26 x 3, we've split the 26 into 20 and 6 and put that 3 at the top. If you wanted you could put the 20 and 6 on the top and 3 on the side, you'd get the same answer.


Then we need to fill in those boxes in white. 

20 x 3 is 60. How can you get this if you don't know that 20 times table? Just do 3 x 2 = 6, then times by 10! The 'cheat' method, as we called. 6 x 3 is normally 18. Lastly, you just add both of those answers and ta-da! The final answer.


Have a look at Mathletics, your task today is Grid Methods 1. They're very kind and have done one of the multiplications for you, you just need to fill the grid and add them. Good luck!