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And now for something completely different! Line graphs.


As the title says, here's a line graph showing how tall a sunflower grew - the height is up the side and the amount of time is along the bottom. Straight away, we can see it got taller over time. But there's other questions you could answer using this graph. 


For instance, if someone asked how long it took to grow 10cm, I would look at the graph like this.

So I've gone across from where 10cm is  to the line, then down to the time in days. Each of those squares along the bottom is 2 days, so that means it took 18 days for it to grow to 10cm.


Someone might also ask me how much it grew between Saturday 27th and Wednesday 31st. Here's what I'd do!

This time we need to see how tall it was on the 27th, so I've gone up and it's between 20 and 18, or 19 as it's also known. On the 31st, it's just a straight 20. So how much did it grom from 19cm to 20cm yep, 1cm.


Now imagine someone asks you these questions. Actually, you don't have to imagine...