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Imagine you're making a delicious three course meal for you and some guests. What would you need? First of all, you'll need to decide what to actually serve. Then, choose which ingredients you'd need. After, you'd have to go and buy the food.


Underneath is a selection of menus - for a three course meal you'll need to pick one of the starters, one of the mains, and one dessert.


There's a list of ingredients you'll need for each meal, and where would you buy ingredients? That's right, Mr Davies' Supermarket - see the link below for the prices. 


So, once you've decided what to serve, found how much the ingredients are, you need to add up the prices of the ingredients and tell me how much your dinner party would cost! For an extra brainbox challenge, if you wanted to splash your cash around, can you find the most expensive combination of courses? Or if you're on a budget, what's the cheapest combination you could serve up?