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We've looked already at comparing and ordering numbers, and done really well at it to boot, so it's time to expand that knowledge and apply it to our best friends, decimals!


The method is exactly the same - line up your place values, work from left to right. So, which is bigger - 1348 or 1351?

Line up the digits in a place value grid, and go from left to right comparing the digits ->

Th H T U

1   3  4  8

1   3  5  1


The thousands is the same, the hundreds is the same, the tens is...hang on, 5 is bigger than 4 - so that bottom number must be the biggest. It works exactly the same with decimals - have a look at this funky video to see what we mean! Once you've got to grips with the hungry alligator, feed him up with the activity sheets below (you can just write them down if you can't print them).

Comparing Decimals | Less Than and Greater Than Decimals | Grades 4-6

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