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We're going to be carrying on our place value work by logging onto mathletics - you'll find Integers on a Number Line (integers is just a fancy maths word for saving whole numbers, no decimals) and expanded numbers.

For integers on a number line, you'll need to remember our learning on negative numbers and fill out which number is needed;

Because the number line is counting up in 2s, and the dot is between 0 and 2, all we need to do is think about what's half of 2. If the dot was half way between -2 and 0, the answer would be -1. Don't forget anything below 0 is a negative, or minus, number.


For expanding numbers, you again need to fill in a missing number.

Mathletics has given us the number 547, and told us it's made of 500, 40 and...what else? I've put the arrows there to help you - that 500 is the 5 in the hundreds place, the 40 is the 4 in the tens place, so there's only one digit left - that 7 in the units place, 7 units is...just 7!