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Time for some more critical place value work on comparing and ordering numbers - one we definitely do not want to get rusty and out of practice with.


Watch Mr Numbervator (no relation to Mr Motivator) and how his gang sorts 3 digits numbers;

See how they did it? Started by sorting the hundreds. Then worked down to the tens, then finally the units. This method works no matter how big or small the number is - start at the highest place value, work your way down.


For example; sort 1101, 1001 and 1011 from biggest to smallest. Well, the thousands is all 1 - so they're in the same group there. The hundreds, we have one that's a 1 and the other two are 0, so we know that  1101 is biggest. On to the tens - we have 0 and 1. 1 is bigger, so that 1011 comes next, leaving 1001 the smallest.


Log on to PurpleMash and you'll find two new 2dos for today;


Day 36 - Numbers over 1000 - Compare & Order

Day 36 - CHALLENGE Sort The Numbers - TTh


As you might guess, the one with CHALLENGE is for experts only.

For both, you'll have to use your place value knowledge to sort and order numbers based on how big they are.