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We're finishing our work this week on shape and space with some work on angels.


Oh wait, I mean angles. Don't mix up that l and e at the end!


What is an angle? Well a lot of people will tell you it's just the corner of a shape, but that's not quite true - more accurately speaking, it's how far you'd have to move one line to get to another. So if you look at the angle picture above (not the angel), the angle is how much you'd have to move line B to get to A. Imagine a pin holding the line onto the paper at '0', the amount it moves is the angle - not that far, in this case. Have a look at the BBC Activities below to learn more:


Log on to Mathletics and you'll find 3 new angle assignments - Equal Angles, Classifying Angles and my personal favourite, What Type of Angel? Is it a guardian? Arch? Fallen? Weeping? Oh wait, mixed that l and e up again...