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It's time to pay our misunderstood friend, fractions, this time with equivalent fractions. Equivalent sounds a bit like 'equal', and that's exactly what it is - fractions which are the same amount even though the numbers are different. Confused? Have a look at the fractions below.


Here I've cut a whole unit into 3 bits, we've got 1 of them. So we'd write that fraction 1/3.


Now I'll chop it into 6 bits, or sixths, and keep 2 of them. We'd write that fraction 2/6.


See how the yellow is the exact same amount of the unit? So 1/3 and 2/6 are equivalent fractions - equal. 


Here's how to use a fraction wall to find equivalent fractions - I've highlighted 4 out of the 6 (in the orangey colour). Which fraction is equivalent from the thirds? If we select 2 of them, you can see how it's exactly the same length, so 2/3 is the same as 4/6.


Log on to Mathletics where you'll find two new activities, shading equivalent fractions and equivalent fraction wall 2 (don't ask what became of equivalent fraction wall 1). Remember to use that little i in the corner to help you if you get stuck on Mathletics, it's really helpful!