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You knew it was coming, I knew it was coming. It's time for...fractions.


BUT! Are they as horrible as their reputation? No! Fractions can be our friends, not foes! In fact, we've already looked at them - division and fractions are exactly the same thing. If you've shared something, you've made a fraction. Have a look at this BBC Bitesize video and let's get to grips with the basics of what fractions actually are, they aren't such bad guys;


So, a fraction like ½ just means 1 part of something that's been chopped into 2 equal bits. The same is true with any fraction, no matter what those numbers are; ⅝ means 5 parts of something split into 8 equal slices. In maths, the top number if a fraction is called the numerator and the bottom one is called the denominator.


Log on to PurpleMash where you'll have 2 activities based around identifying different fractions, Day 25 - Fractions: Halves and Quarters and Day 25 - Finding Matching Expressions. There are no trick questions - remember what the top and bottom number of a fraction mean and you'll be just fine.