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Something a little bit different for maths today, we're going to stir a bit of music and/or poetry into it . First things first, you need to have a think about which times tables you find the hardest. Done? The usual suspects are the 7s, 8s, 12s a lot of people find really hard, weirdly when I was your age I just couldn't remember my 4s of all things until I learned that you can just double your 2s. If you're a real brainbox and know them all back to front, these are the ones that people get wrong on Mathletics the most - pick one of the higher ones to help people struggling;


Now you've done that, it's time to get some lyrics down because you are going to write your own times table song to help you remember these facts in your head.


There's a few ways you could do this - one way is you could use a rhyming scheme to help you remember the answers, for example, 

6 times 7 is 42, and don’t forget to tie your shoe!


Another arguably more fun way is to re-write an existing song, or sampling it as the hip-hop artists call it, and adapt it to meet your times tables like this song here based off Happy - either way, I'm expecting to see your catchy song lyrics for your chosen times table OR for bonus points, if you're a real showman, video or record your song! Good luck all you songwriting maestros out there.  


7 Times Table Song (Cover of Happy by Pharrell Williams) Easy Learn Skip Count