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It's time to put your problem solving and understanding of measurement to the test, Year 4, with Friday's challenge - we've got some problems based on some of the tallest buildings in the world. I've put the questions in image and pdf format as I know some people were having trouble with just one or the other.


For another challenge, you need to log into Mathletics where you'll have a new assignment - operations with length. These look easy peasy lemon squeezy but are actually difficult difficult lemon difficult, because they're using 2 different units - 

E.g. 56cm + 1.4m.

What you need to do is use your converting knowledge to make them both the same unit - I'll convert 1.4m to cm and x by 100 to get 140cm, them we have 56cm + 140cm = 196cm, or 1.96m. 


See how you do with the Mathletics and the problems below - I was very impressed with how many of us went on yesterday and got 100%!