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It's Friday, it's maths investigation time! We've done a bit about the Ancient Egyptians on Monday, and the Egyptians are very famous for their pyramid building, so we're going to build a pyramid out of...numbers.


Here are some examples of number pyramids;


The numbers on the bottom add together and make the number inbetween them and above them. So with the blue pyramid, 4+5=9


So that's the next layer of the pyramid.

9+12 = 21, so that's the top of the pyramid.


Just like a real pyramid, the more you have at the bottom, the bigger the pyramid! Here's the challenge - I'm going to give you a bunch of building block numbers to put at the bottom of your pyramid. I want the top of the pyramid to be the number 200.


Make sure you build the whole pyramid! Remember it's an investigation, which means that unless you put Stephen Hawking to shame with your maths then you're probably going to get it wrong a few times, you'll need to swap numbers around and see what you get. Good luck!