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So, hopefully you will remember this week we've been doing maths about number sequences and place value. Today, we're going to blend this learning together with finding 1000 more or less - which sounds simple, but can trip you up if you're not careful about which place value you're changing, and counting in 25s. That sounds really hard but once you spot the pattern it's simple. Fun!

Have a flick through the learning slideshow on the BBC bitesize website here:

Once again we've got some explanations and questions from our good friends at Mathletics. I've highlighted one in red, that's for advanced learners only, you don't need to do that one. Email me how you get on, or email me if you get stuck!


Eagle eyed viewers will notice that question 1c doesn't follow the pattern. They must have put that in there just to test you can just skip that one.