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Number sequences time; we've two activities for you to solve on PurpleMash - both start with Day 11. The first is following the number pattern rules to find the next number in the sequence;

So the last number in the pattern is 17. If we add 5, that makes 22, then take 1 for 21.


On this one you've got to figure out the rule yourself, then apply it;

First step is to work out the rule. What do you do to get from 7 to 14, or 14 to 21? That's right, add 7! So if we add 7 to the last number, we'll get the next number in the sequence, 49, which you may remember from such times tables as the 7 times table.


If you finish both and want an extra number sequence challenge for brainboxes, have a go at the matching sequence card game!